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Dinosaurs Love Underpants January 10, 2009

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What a great book for bedtime. Dinosaurs Love Underpants is a wonderful bedtime story for little kids. You also get to pick your preferred underpants on the last page!


Christmas Was Great January 6, 2009

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I just wanted to note that the Christmas break was fantastic.

The Christmas Nativity Play at the local school was touching.  The little angel singing “hold this moment in your hand” caused Doting Dad to have a bit of an emotional moment (until this was cut short by the little man sticking his finger up his nose and scratching his boy bits).

Helping at the Christmas Party and suprising the little man was great.  Getting the little monsters to eat their grapes by reverse psycology was very satisfying.

A trip to Belfast to the in-laws and a fab Christmas lunch at my brother-in-laws.  The little man loved it and really loved spending the day with his cousins.

Second Christmas lunch was taken with Nanny and Great Nanny at Nanny’s house.  Great Nanny just loved watching the little man open his presents and playing.  The mobile camper van went down extremely well!

New Year’s Eve was spent with the little man’s God Mother in the splendid Wiltshire countryside.  As always this fabulous “Margo” cook laid on a feast to remember.  The barbequed beef was delicious, but this did cause some weird beef dreams.

The running, cycling and swimming are very difficult at present due to the extra weight gained through Christmas!


My New Year’s Resolution January 5, 2009

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My “stop the rot” campaign continues this year.

My New Year’s Resolution is going to be to complete an Olympic distance triathlon by the end of the year.  I am not looking for any specific time, I just want to survive and complete the course.

My main priority for doing this is to try and regain some health and fitness to help me live longer, to spend more time with my son and gorgeous Northern Irish wife.


1001 rules 4 my son January 4, 2009

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If you have not seen this blog it is worth a visit, it is called “1001 rules 4 my unborn son”.

I really like number 300 “Surprise your Dad at the office” (whatever he is doing is less important than you)


Doting Dad – The Definition January 3, 2009

Filed under: Uncategorized — dotingdad @ 10:21 pm defines DOTING as an adjective which is described as excessive fondness.  The second definition further describes doting as showing a decline of mental faculties, especially associated with old age.  This can be described as weak-minded or senile.

The Collins Conscise Dictionary defines DAD as a noun which is the informal name for father.

In summary this is about an informal senile father showing declining mental faculties.  Welcome to my world.


Pantomine – Jack & The Beanstalk

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How wonderful it was to experience the good clean fun of the pantomine today. My 4 year-old loved it and was very confused by what was meant to be real and what was pretend. My favourite line had to be “I feel a stool coming on” at which point simple simon went off stage to grab a stool to milk the cow. The sugar-rush caused by an overgenerous nanny feeding the little man sweets took affect during the walk up the hill, where things started to deteriorate! Anyway a fab day to be cherished.


Hello World January 2, 2009

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Hello world!

I am dotingdad who wants to try and keep a record of my time with my young son.  This may help keep my sanity when I go through the “teenage years”!!